Getting Started With Svelte-Kit Session Auth

At the time of writing this Svelte-kit is still experimental but we were still able to get some
basic session auth setup by doing the following.

Creating our new project

npm init svelte@next hello-world

Go ahead and type Y!

Now we have a new directory that looks like the following:

For now lets create a simple file based “database” to store our sessions:

touch sessions.json

Now we want to create another special directory for Svelte-kit, the src/setup directory.

Inside that directory we will have the following two files:



The setup/index.js file runs for each new request made to the web application.
Meaning that so long as we have the cookie with the key value my_web_app-123 we will be able
to authenticate our user without them needing to sign in again.

To add the cookie to the users browser we can use the Set-cookie header when returning
the login request: